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The best spare bowling ball can be found by researching recommendations from fellow bowlers on platforms like Reddit, considering options specifically designed for spare shots, and assessing the durability of plastic/spare balls. Additionally, top professional bowlers like Jason Belmonte trust the Storm Clear Belmo Gold Bowling Ball for their spare shots.

When selecting a spare ball, it is important to choose one with the same weight as your strike ball to ensure consistent performance. By taking into account these factors, you can find the perfect spare bowling ball to improve your game.

Unleashing Precision With The Right Spare Bowling Ball

In the world of bowling, precision is everything. And when it comes to making those tricky spares, having the right spare bowling ball can make all the difference. A spare ball is specifically designed to help bowlers maintain accuracy and consistency when aiming for those pesky remaining pins. But what should you consider when selecting a spare ball? Let’s dive into the key factors and features that are vital for a superior spare ball.

Considerations For Spare Ball Selection

Choosing the perfect spare ball for your game requires thoughtful consideration. There are a few essential factors that you should keep in mind:

  • Type of Core: The core of a spare ball determines its overall hook potential. Look for a ball with a symmetric core as it provides a more controlled and predictable roll.
  • Ball Weight: It is important to use the same weight for both your strike ball and spare ball. This consistency helps in maintaining proper timing and muscle memory.
  • Coverstock Material: For spare balls, plastic or polyester coverstocks are the most common choices. These coverstocks provide a smooth and straight trajectory, ensuring a consistent spare-shot motion.
  • Surface Finish: A polished surface finish on the spare ball helps it glide smoothly along the lane, reducing friction and increasing accuracy.

Features Vital For A Superior Spare Ball

To maximize precision, a superior spare ball should possess the following key features:

Feature Benefits
Durability A durable spare ball can withstand the repetitive nature of spare shooting, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness.
Optimal Control The spare ball should deliver exceptional control for precise targeting and accuracy, eliminating any surprises during the shot.
Consistency Consistency in the spare ball’s roll and reaction allows bowlers to trust its performance, ensuring reliable spare conversions time after time.
Low Hook Potential A spare ball with low hook potential helps in maintaining a straight line, denying any unexpected movement and ensuring accurate pin deflections.

Having a spare ball in your bowling arsenal can be a game-changer. Its specialized design and precision-oriented features provide bowlers with the necessary tools for converting those challenging spares consistently. By considering key factors like the type of core, ball weight, coverstock material, and surface finish, you can choose the perfect spare ball to enhance your game.

Best Spare Bowling Ball: Unleash Precision and Control on the Lanes


Best Spare Bowling Ball Attributes

When it comes to selecting the best spare bowling ball, there are certain attributes that you should consider to enhance your game. These attributes include the materials and durability of the ball, weight consistency with your strike ball, and the core design for stability. Let’s dive deeper into each of these attributes:

Materials And Durability

Choosing a spare bowling ball made of high-quality materials is crucial for long-lasting performance. Opt for a ball made of durable materials such as plastic or polyester, which are known for their resistance to wear and tear. These materials ensure that your spare ball can withstand countless throws without losing its shape or effectiveness. Additionally, consider checking customer reviews and ratings to ensure that the chosen ball has a reputation for durability.

Weight Consistency With Your Strike Ball

Consistency is key in bowling, and this applies to the weight of your spare ball as well. It is recommended to use a spare ball with the same weight as your strike ball. Maintaining the same weight allows for consistent muscle memory and technique, leading to accurate throws and improved spare conversion rates. Therefore, it is essential to find a spare ball with a weight that matches your strike ball, ensuring a smooth transition between the two.

Core Design For Stability

The core design of a spare bowling ball plays a crucial role in stability and predictability on the lane. Look for a ball with a stable and symmetric core design, as it helps maintain a straight trajectory and minimizes deflection. This stability ensures that you can confidently aim for your spare pins without worrying about the ball veering off course. A stable core also helps enhance control and accuracy, making it easier to pick up those crucial spares.

When it comes to choosing the best spare bowling ball, focusing on attributes such as materials and durability, weight consistency with your strike ball, and core design for stability can greatly improve your spare conversion rates. By investing in a spare ball that excels in these areas, you can enhance your game and increase your overall bowling performance.

Finding Your Best Spare Bowling Ball

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Best Spare Bowling Ball

Assessing Lane Conditions And Personal Style

When it comes to finding the best spare bowling ball for your game, it’s essential to consider the lane conditions and your personal style of play. Assessing the lane conditions helps determine the type of spare ball that will work best for you. For oily lanes, a spare ball with a smooth surface and high friction is ideal, whereas dry lanes require a spare ball with less friction. Your personal style, whether you prefer a straight shot or a hook, will also impact your choice of spare ball. Bowling with a spare ball that complements your style will help you consistently pick up those tricky single-pin spares.

Brand And Model Comparisons

When looking for the best spare bowling ball, it’s important to research and compare different brands and models. Consider reputable brands like Storm, Motiv, and Ebonite, known for their high-quality spare balls. Look for models that have a proven track record in delivering precision and control on the lanes. Reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow bowlers can provide valuable insights into the performance and durability of different brands and models.

Insights From Pro Bowlers Like Jason Belmonte

When it comes to spare bowling balls, hearing insights from professional bowlers, like Jason Belmonte, can be invaluable. Jason Belmonte, known for his powerful strike ball, relies on his Storm Clear Belmo Gold Bowling Ball to clean up the mess left by his first shot. Learning from the experiences of professionals can help you make informed decisions when selecting your spare ball. Pay attention to the brand and model preferences of pro bowlers and take note of any specific techniques or strategies they employ for spare shots.

Remember, finding your best spare bowling ball requires assessing lane conditions, considering your personal style, comparing brands and models, and seeking insights from pro bowlers. With the right spare ball in hand, you can improve your spare shooting accuracy and ultimately elevate your overall bowling game.

Best Spare Bowling Ball: Control On The Lanes

Optimize your performance on the lanes with the best spare bowling ball from MOTIV Bowling. Our cutting-edge technology ensures precise control and accuracy, helping you clean up those pins effectively. Choose from a range of options for the perfect spare ball tailored to your needs.

Best Spare Bowling Ball: Control on the Lanes

Technology Advancements In Spare Bowling Balls

When it comes to spare shots in bowling, control and accuracy are key. Modern spare bowling balls are designed with advanced technology to help bowlers achieve optimal precision and control on the lanes.

Enhancing Shot Accuracy And Predictability

Spare bowling balls are specifically engineered to provide bowlers with a consistent and predictable shot. The use of advanced materials and construction techniques allows for better control and accuracy during spare attempts. These balls typically have a lower hook potential, which helps to minimize the chances of unexpected hook or excessive skid, ensuring the ball rolls straight towards the target pin.

In addition, spare balls often feature enhanced coverstocks that provide increased traction on dry lanes. This additional grip helps to maintain control throughout the shot, reducing unwanted skid or slide and preventing the ball from veering off the intended path.

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Spare Bowling Ball Maintenance And Care

Maintaining and caring for your spare bowling ball is crucial to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. By following the best practices for longevity and implementing proper cleaning and storage tips, you can extend the lifespan of your spare ball while maximizing its effectiveness on the lanes.

Best Practices For Longevity

  • Keep your spare bowling ball away from extreme temperatures. Prolonged exposure to heat or cold can cause damage to the ball’s surface.
  • Regularly inspect your spare ball for any signs of cracks, chips, or other damage. If you notice any issues, it’s essential to address them promptly to prevent further deterioration.
  • Rotate the finger holes periodically to evenly distribute the wear and tear on your spare ball. This practice helps maintain consistency in your shots.
  • Invest in a high-quality spare ball cover or bag to protect your bowling ball from scratches and potential damage during transportation.

Cleaning And Storage Tips For Optimal Performance

Proper cleaning and storage of your spare bowling ball are essential for maintaining its optimal performance. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • After each use, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe off any dirt, oil, or residue from the surface of your spare ball. This helps maintain its reaction on the lanes.
  • Periodically deep clean your spare ball using a specially formulated bowling ball cleaner. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.
  • Store your spare bowling ball in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Excessive heat and humidity can affect the ball’s performance and integrity.
  • Consider investing in a bowling ball rack or stand to properly store your ball when not in use. This ensures it maintains its shape and doesn’t accumulate any unwanted weight variations.

By implementing these spare bowling ball maintenance and care practices, you can enhance the lifespan and performance of your ball, allowing you to consistently hit those crucial spare shots. Remember, a well-maintained spare ball is a reliable asset for any bowler’s arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Spare Bowling Ball

What Spare Ball Does Jason Belmonte Use?

Jason Belmonte uses the Storm Clear Belmo Gold Bowling Ball as his spare ball. It is known for its precision and effectiveness in cleaning up pins.

How Do You Pick A Spare Bowling Ball?

To pick a spare bowling ball, use the same weight as your strike ball. Consider options like Storm spare ball or plastic bowling balls. Look for durability, precision, and control. Check out online resources for recommendations and reviews. Avoid fake or unreliable products.

Should My Spare Ball Be Lighter Than My Strike Ball?

No, your spare ball should be the same weight as your strike ball. Use the same weight for both.

What Size Bowling Ball Should A Man Use?

A man should use a bowling ball that is the right size for him.


When it comes to finding the best spare bowling ball for your game, it’s important to consider factors such as precision, control, and durability. At MOTIV Bowling, we pride ourselves in designing premium spare bowling balls using cutting-edge technology. Our bowling balls offer optimal performance on the lanes, allowing you to clean up any mess left by your first shot.

With our range of options and high-quality construction, you can confidently choose a spare ball that suits your style and helps you achieve your best game.