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If you are a jewelry user, you already know how it is. You’ve used your jewelry for a long time, now it seems slightly dull. You want it to look like new. So you went to a jeweler, they offered a ‘free’ checkup and informed you what type of cleaning you need. The catch is, if that is not the store you bought your jewelry from, they’ll demand extra bucks for that work. The good news is, there is a solution to that problem, which is learning how to use ultrasonic cleaner yourself and buying one for a one-time price.


What is ultrasonic cleaning? You might be asking yourself that. Well, let me reveal the secret, this is the cleaning method jewelers use to clean your jewels. Not only that, ultrasonic cleaners are also used for cleaning delicate things like lenses, coins, surgical equipment, dental equipment, fire weapons, and fishing reels. In short, where you need microscopic-level cleaning that normal cleaning tools are unable to perform, an ultrasonic cleaner provides that feature.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a method that uses ultrasound and a solvent to clean and shine even the tiniest structures. The ultrasound usually ranges from 20-400 kHz. The solvent might even be normal water, but the use of a proper solvent enhances the result and luster.

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You can make an ultrasonic cleaner in your house. All you need is common items like duct tape, a coffee can, thick foam, bungee cords, and a palm sander.

All of these items should not take more than 40-50 dollars, but you’ll get an effective solution to clean your delicate items.
Watch the video to learn how to make ultrasonic cleaner.


Using ultrasonic cleaner is easy once you get hold of the process. Let’s see the steps below-

  1. First, fill the tank of your cleaner. Put water and a tablespoon of ammonia. Many people get tempted to use too much of ammonia, do not do that. Add some dishwasher liquid with that and you’re good to go.
  2. Turn the cleaner on, and let it run for some minutes so that the solution mixes well. Put your things into the tank. Do not put too many items at the same time.
  3. Heat up the solution with the built-in heater of the cleaner. The heated solution will mix up well and work better on your items.
  4. Turn the cleaner machine on and let them get washed for some time. It may take from 1 minute to half an hour, depending on the items and how dirty they are.
  5. Turn the cleaner off and wait for some time. This will allow the dirt to settle at the bottom. Bring the items out and clean them with a soft brush. Do not rub it harshly. Rinse the item with water. You’ll see a significant difference between before and after-cleaning versions

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See how to clean jewelry with Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Machine


Maintaining your ultrasonic cleaner will make sure you get a long-time service from the machine. Let’s see some tips-

  • Do not put too many items on your cleaner machine. Those items will collide with each and you won’t get desired performance.
  • Another concern is pinholes in the tank. That usually occurs if you put too many metal items in the tank, or put acidic solution before putting any water. Remember, improper use of the tank results in the nullification of the warranty.
  • Another problem is cavitation erosion near transducers. This happens because of the small particles that fall from metals during cleaning, which act as drills to damage the area. The solution is cleaning the area regularly.

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  • Clean your jewelry as soon as it gets dirty. If they’re made of materials that can withstand ultrasound, frequent cleaning will not be a problem.
  • Do not put ammonia or any acidic solution directly in the tank. Put water first.
  • Turn the ultrasound when the bath begins to heat.


Knowing how to use ultrasonic cleaner will not only keep the machine running for a long time, it will ensure the safety and glossiness of your items. Inappropriate use might cause damage and short lifespan of the machine.

However, the using method is not some rocket science. With the help of this article, you’ll be able to use ultrasonic cleaning machine with ease. We also urge you to read the user manual comes with your cleaner, this will help you to get recommended settings of the machine

If you own an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machine, you do not need to run to jewelers every time you need a cleaning. It will prove cost effective in the long run.