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The Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science Review indicates that the sound is perfectly balanced with clear mid-range and non-muddy trebles. The bass remains impactful without overshadowing other frequencies.

The Lyxpro Has-30 has gained attention in the audio community for its exceptional sound quality and accurate frequency reproduction. It has been lauded for its perfectly balanced sound and clear mid-range, even when the bass is intense. The trebles are noted for their clarity and lack of muddiness, providing a smooth, realistic sound impression that surpasses many “hi-fi” speakers.

Despite these attributes, there have been reports of a tweeter hiss that detracts from the otherwise impressive performance. The Lyxpro Has-30 presents an intriguing option for audio enthusiasts seeking a well-rounded and balanced listening experience.

Unboxing The Lyxpro Has-30

Upon unboxing the Lyxpro HAS-30, the design and build quality make a strong first impression. The packaging includes the headphones, detachable cable, and a carrying pouch, all neatly and securely tucked in. The headphones showcase a sleek and sturdy construction, with soft ear pads for comfort during extended use. Before using the headphones, the initial setup involves attaching the cable and adjusting the headband for a personalized fit. The attention to detail in both packaging and design sets the tone for a promising audio experience.

Sound Performance Breakdown

Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science Review: The sound performance of the Lyxpro Has-30 headphones boasts a balanced signature with impressive clarity and precision. When it comes to trebles, they offer exceptional clarity without any muddiness, providing a crisp and detailed listening experience. The mids maintain their clarity, even when the bass is booming, ensuring that every element of the sound spectrum is well-defined. As for the bass, it delivers precision in the low-end, adding depth and impact to the overall audio output. In addition, the headphones’ sound performance excels in maintaining a balanced audio profile, catering to the preferences of various listeners without compromising on quality.

Lyxpro Has-30 Versus Market Contenders

When comparing the Lyxpro HAS-30 with other models on the market, it stands out for its price-to-performance ratio. The sound quality delivered by the HAS-30 is on par with several comparable models, making it a strong contender in its price range. User reports have noted some instances of tweeter hiss, which is a point of concern for potential buyers. Despite this, the overall sound balance and clarity of the HAS-30 make it a compelling option for audio enthusiasts.

In-depth Feature Analysis

The Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science headphones provide comfort for prolonged sessions, making them ideal for long work hours or extended listening periods. The portability and convenience of the headphones make them a suitable choice for professionals who are often on the move. Additionally, the headphones offer various cable options and modularity, allowing users to tailor the setup to their specific needs. The flexibility and versatility in cable options ensure compatibility with different devices and situations, enhancing the overall user experience.

User Experience And Longevity

The Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science headphones are designed to provide an exceptional user experience and have been built to last. The durability factor has been given priority, ensuring that these headphones can withstand regular wear-and-tear. To maintain optimum performance over time, it is recommended to follow maintenance tips such as regular cleaning and proper storage. Long-term user satisfaction insights indicate that these headphones continue to deliver high-quality audio and comfort, making them a reliable choice for extended use. With a focus on user experience and longevity, the Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science headphones offer both durability and long-term satisfaction.

Beyond Sound: Additional Perks And Quirks

Lyxpro HAS-30 headphones offer a harmoniously balanced sound profile, with clear trebles and a well-defined mid-range, even during intense bass passages. Additionally, these over-ear headphones boast a multitude of unique attributes that differentiate them from the competition. From the hidden gems meticulously embedded within the design to the often overlooked details, the HAS-30 excels in providing a comprehensive auditory experience. However, these distinct features may also pose potential deal-breakers for discerning audiophiles who prioritize specific aspects in their sound equipment. It’s essential to explore these additional perks and quirks beyond the realm of sound quality to make a fully informed decision.

Concluding Thoughts On Lyxpro Has-30

Lyxpro Has-30 offers a well-balanced sound with clear mid-range, crisp trebles, and impactful bass. It impresses with a smooth and realistic sound, surpassing many hi-fi speakers. However, there is a noticeable tweeter hiss that can be distracting. From an audio science perspective, the balance and clarity of the sound make it a standout performer. For audio enthusiasts, the Lyxpro Has-30 presents good value, especially considering its competitive pricing. Overall, it delivers a compelling sound profile and solid performance, making it a viable option for those seeking a reliable audio experience.

Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science Review


Frequently Asked Questions For Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science Review

What Are The Main Features Of The Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science?

The Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science boasts perfectly balanced sound, clear mid-range, and non-muddy trebles even with powerful bass.

How Does The Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science Perform In Terms Of Sound Quality?

The Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science provides a smooth and realistic sound impression, outperforming many “hi-fi” speakers.

Can You Explain The Philosophy Behind The Audio Science Review?

The Audio Science Review follows the philosophy “The better the measurement, the better the sound,” emphasizing the correlation between quality measurements and sound.


The Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science headphones deliver exceptional audio quality with balanced sound and clear mid-range. The bass remains powerful without compromising other frequencies. These headphones provide a realistic sound impression, making them a top choice for audiophiles. Experience high-quality sound with the Lyxpro Has-30 Audio Science headphones.