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When traveling or sending mail to Rome, understanding the zip code system is crucial for ensuring your correspondence reaches its destination promptly. This in-depth guide will explore Rome’s unique postal code system.

Zip Code in Rome: Your Key to the Eternal City!


What is a Zip Code?

A zip code, also known as a postal code, is a series of letters or digits that accompanies a postal address, used to sort mail efficiently. In Italy, zip codes are known as Codice di Avviamento Postale (CAP).

The Structure of Rome’s Zip Codes

Rome’s zip codes follow a five-digit format, starting with ‘001’. The first three digits denote the area, while the last two digits indicate the specific post office or delivery area.

Area Range of Zip Codes
Central Rome 00118 – 00199
Outer Suburbs 00100 – 00117, 00200 and above

Importance of Using the Correct Zip Code

Using the correct zip code is essential for a number of reasons:

  • Ensures efficient mail sorting and delivery.
  • Helps in identifying the exact location for logistics and shipping companies.
  • Is used by emergency services for a quicker response.
  • Helps in accurate demographic analysis for businesses and government agencies.
Zip Code in Rome: Your Key to the Eternal City!


How to Find the Right Zip Code in Rome

Finding the right zip code in Rome can be done through various methods:

  • Consult the official website of the Italian postal service for the most accurate information.
  • Use a reliable online zip code lookup tool or app.
  • Check the zip code maps available at local post offices in Rome.
  • Ask the locals, as residents are generally familiar with their area’s postal code.

Comprehensive List of Zip Codes in Rome

Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the main zip codes in Rome for quick reference:

More rows as needed

Neighborhood Zip Code
Centro Storico (Historical Center) 00184
Trastevere 00153
Vatican City 00120 (unique to Vatican City)
Monti 00184
Testaccio 00153
Prati 00195

Frequently Asked Questions On Zip Code In Rome: Your Key To The Eternal City!

What Is Rome’s Main Zip Code?

Rome’s central area primarily uses the zip code 00184.

How Many Zip Codes Does Rome Have?

Rome has over 200 distinct zip codes, varying by area.

Can I Find A Rome Zip Code Map Online?

Yes, online platforms provide maps highlighting Rome’s various zip codes.

Why Do Rome Zip Codes Start With ’00’?

Rome’s zip codes start with ’00’ because it’s the convention for designating metropolitan areas in Italy.


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