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How to Type the Approximately Symbol on Keyboard

When writing mathematical or scientific equations, the approximately symbol (≈) is a frequently used notation to indicate that two values are nearly equal. However, finding this symbol on a standard keyboard may not be immediately obvious. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various methods to type the approximately symbol on different devices, including laptops, Macs, and even mobile phones.

How to Type the Approximately Symbol

Below are several methods to type the approximately symbol on different platforms:

Using Alt Code On Windows

If you are using a Windows-based computer, you can use the Alt code to type the approximately symbol. Simply hold down the Alt key and then type 247 using the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard. Release the Alt key, and the approximately symbol (≈) should appear.

Shortcuts On Mac

Mac users can easily type the approximately symbol by pressing Option + X on the keyboard. This will instantly insert the approximately symbol into your document or text field.

Character Map On Windows

Another method for Windows users is to utilize the Character Map tool. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and start typing “Character Map.” Once you locate the Character Map in the search results, click to open it. From there, you can select and copy the approximately symbol to paste it into your desired location.

Using Unicode Character

The approximately symbol has a Unicode representation of U+2248. You can use this Unicode in HTML or any document that allows Unicode input to display the approximately symbol.

Approximately Symbol on Keyboard  : Tips for Typing Success


Typing the Approximately Symbol on Mobile Devices

Typing the approximately symbol on mobile devices, such as iPhones and Android phones, follows similar principles to the methods used on computers. Depending on the device and operating system version, you may need to enable the Unicode keyboard or access the symbol through special characters.

For iPhones, accessing the approximately symbol can be achieved through the special characters keyboard. Simply press and hold the tilde (~) key, and additional options, including the approximately symbol, will appear for selection.

Copy and Paste

If the methods mentioned above are not suitable or accessible, especially for infrequent use, you can always resort to copying and pasting the approximately symbol from websites, documents, or other sources where it is readily available.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Approximately Symbol On Keyboard : Tips For Typing Success

Where Is The Approximate Symbol On Keyboard?

The approximate symbol (~) is located on the keyboard above the Tab key.

How Do You Use The ≈ Symbol?

To type the ≈ symbol, use the Alt code (Alt+247). On a Mac, press Option+X or Command+Control+Spacebar to open the character viewer and find the symbol. In Microsoft Word, use the Alt shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+A) to insert the symbol.

How Do I Insert An Approximate Symbol In Word?

To insert an approximate symbol in Word, use the keyboard shortcut “Alt + 247” on Windows or “Option + X” on a Mac. Alternatively, you can search for the symbol in the Character Viewer using the “Command + Control + Spacebar” shortcut on a Mac.

What Is The Symbol For Approximation?

The symbol for approximation is “≈” and it means approximately equal to. It is used to indicate that two values are nearly equal.


Mastering the art of typing the approximately symbol on various devices empowers you to express mathematical and scientific concepts accurately. Whether you are using a Windows PC, Mac, or a mobile device, the methods outlined in this guide should enable you to effortlessly incorporate the approximately symbol into your writing and calculations.