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The best Theo Von podcast episodes and appearances can be found on Reddit, Pod Bible, OwlTail, and YouTube. He has made memorable appearances on podcasts such as Joe Cornish and Louis Theroux, and his own podcast, “This Past Weekend,” has garnered a significant following.

Despite leaving the show “King and The Sting,” Theo Von continues to thrive as a comedian and podcast host, attracting a dedicated fanbase.

Best Theo Von Episodes Unveiled

If you’re a fan of comedy podcasts, you’ve probably heard of Theo Von. Known for his quick wit, unique storytelling, and his ability to find humor in the everyday, Theo Von has built a loyal fan base with his podcast, This Past Weekend. With hundreds of episodes to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the best ones. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best Theo Von episodes, covering everything from critically acclaimed episodes to episodes with notable guest appearances. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Critically Acclaimed Episodes

Theo Von’s podcast has received critical acclaim for several episodes that showcase his comedic genius. These episodes, filled with hilarious anecdotes and thought-provoking conversations, have left a lasting impact on listeners. Here are a few of the top critically acclaimed episodes:

  • Episode 234: “The Plumber” – In this episode, Theo Von sits down with a plumber and hilariously dissects the ins and outs of plumbing. It’s a must-listen for anyone who enjoys Theo’s unique storytelling style.
  • Episode 321: “The Mortician” – Theo Von explores the world of morticians in this episode, sharing intriguing stories and finding humor in the often grim subject matter.

Episodes With Notable Guest Appearances

In addition to his solo episodes, Theo Von has had numerous guest appearances on his podcast. These episodes feature conversations with fellow comedians and celebrities, offering a fresh dynamic and unique perspectives. Here are some episodes with notable guest appearances:

  • Episode 198: “Interviewing a Plumber with Shane Gillis” – In this episode, Theo Von welcomes comedian Shane Gillis to discuss life as a plumber and delve into the world of comedy.

Breakdown Of Most Downloaded Episodes

Curious about the most downloaded episodes of Theo Von’s podcast? Here’s a breakdown of the top episodes that have resonated with listeners:

Episode Title
1 “The Plumber”
2 “The Mortician”

These episodes have garnered the most downloads, indicating their popularity among fans of Theo Von’s podcast.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the world of Theo Von’s podcast, these episodes are sure to entertain and give you an insight into his comedic brilliance. So, grab your headphones and get ready to laugh your way through these incredible episodes!

Funniest Moments In Podcast History

Get ready to laugh out loud with the funniest moments in podcast history, specifically in the best episodes of Theo Von’s podcast, This Past Weekend. From hilarious guest appearances to Theo’s witty banter, these episodes are sure to keep you entertained.

Don’t miss out on the laughter!

Highlighting Episodes With Unforgettable Laughs

The Best Theo Von Podcast offers an abundance of hilarious moments that are sure to leave you in stitches. Theo’s quick wit and unique storytelling ability create a comedic goldmine that keeps listeners coming back for more. Let’s take a look at some episodes that have provided the most unforgettable laughs:

  • “The Plumber” episode: In this fan-favorite episode, Theo Von takes on the role of a plumber during a fictional interview. The ridiculous scenarios and Theo’s comedic genius make this episode an absolute riot.
  • “Best Theo Podcast Appearances”: Dive into this compilation episode that features some of Theo’s funniest appearances on other popular podcasts. You’ll be in for a laughter-filled ride as Theo showcases his hilarious banter and quick comebacks.
  • “Funny episodes of TPW”: If you’re looking for pure comedic gold, look no further. This collection of episodes contains some of the funniest moments from This Past Weekend, showcasing Theo Von at his absolute best.

Special Segments With High Comedic Value

In addition to the overall hilarity of The Best Theo Von Podcast, there are special segments within the show that provide high comedic value. These segments have become fan favorites for their laughter-inducing content:

  • “Theo Von interviewing a plumber”: This segment involves Theo having chaotic and humorous discussions with a plumber. The absurdity of the situations and Theo’s quick wit make for a truly memorable experience.
  • “This Past Weekend Mortician”: In this segment, Theo chats with a mortician, exploring the humor in the serious profession. The unexpected jokes and lightheartedness bring a unique comedic flavor to the podcast.
  • “Best Theo Von quotes”: This compilation episode highlights some of Theo’s most hilarious and quotable moments. From one-liners to witty observations, these quotes are sure to have you laughing out loud.

Guest Interactions That Sparked Hilarity

One of the things that make The Best Theo Von Podcast truly special is the guest interactions that spark hilarity. Theo’s ability to connect with his guests and create comedic chemistry sets the stage for some priceless moments:

  • Theo Von & Shane Gillis: When these two comedic powerhouses come together, the result is pure comedy gold. The banter and laughter shared between Theo and Shane will have you in stitches.
  • Theo Von’s plumber podcast guest: Join Theo as he interviews a hilarious plumber, delving into a world of comical anecdotes and clever wordplay. This episode showcases Theo’s skill in bringing out the comedic best in his guests.

“this Past Weekend” Fan Favorites

Theo Von’s podcast, This Past Weekend, is known for its entertaining and insightful conversations with a wide range of guests. Amongst the numerous episodes, there are a few that have particularly stood out and become fan favorites. In this blog post, we will highlight two episodes that have garnered significant praise and appreciation from the podcast’s audience.

The Plumber Episode

One of the most beloved episodes of This Past Weekend is the interview with a plumber. In this episode, Theo Von showcases his unique ability to find humor and connection in unexpected places. Through a lighthearted and engaging conversation, Theo explores the plumber’s experiences, challenges, and even manages to highlight the humor in the profession.

The episode stands out for its authenticity and Theo Von’s skill in bringing out the best in his guests. Listeners are taken on a compelling journey as they gain insights into the life of a plumber, while also being entertained by Theo’s sharp wit and comedic storytelling.

Mortician Interview Revelations

Another noteworthy episode of This Past Weekend is the interview with a mortician. In this thought-provoking conversation, Theo Von delves into the often mysterious and misunderstood world of morticians. He explores the unique challenges and experiences faced by those in the profession, shedding light on the intriguing aspects of dealing with death on a daily basis.

Through his empathetic yet humorous approach, Theo Von manages to create an engaging and enlightening conversation. Listeners gain a new perspective on the mortician’s role, learning about the intricacies of their work and the emotions they navigate. This episode is a testament to Theo Von’s ability to tackle unusual and thought-provoking topics while keeping listeners thoroughly entertained.

Whether it’s the humor found in unexpected places or exploring unconventional professions, This Past Weekend excels in providing listeners with captivating and insightful content. The plumber and mortician episodes are just a glimpse into the wide array of engaging discussions that Theo Von offers through his podcast. So, if you’re looking for a podcast that combines humor, curiosity, and intriguing conversations, be sure to check out This Past Weekend by Theo Von.

Best Theo Von Podcast: Uncovering the Funniest and Most Downloaded Episodes


Theo’s Engaging Conversations

Theo Von’s podcast, This Past Weekend, is known for its engaging conversations that captivate listeners and keep them coming back for more. Theo has a unique ability to connect with his guests and create a space where candid and insightful dialogues can take place. From comedians to musicians to actors, he invites a wide range of guests who share their stories, experiences, and perspectives. In this article, we’ll explore the most memorable moments from Theo’s engaging conversations, including the most insightful guest dialogues, deep dives into the most engaging episodes, and the best quotes from the show.

Insightful Guest Dialogues

One of the standout aspects of Theo’s podcast is his ability to have insightful dialogues with his guests. Whether it’s discussing their personal journeys, their creative process, or deeper philosophical ideas, Theo creates an environment where guests feel comfortable opening up and sharing their thoughts. Some of the most memorable guest dialogues include:

  1. Episode 54: The Plumber – In this episode, Theo interviews a plumber and uncovers a fascinating perspective on life and work. The conversation delves into the importance of finding fulfillment in one’s job and the challenges faced by blue-collar workers in today’s society.
  2. Episode 73: Shane Gillis – Comedian Shane Gillis joins Theo for a hilarious and thought-provoking conversation. They discuss the comedy industry, the art of crafting jokes, and the importance of staying true to oneself.
  3. Episode 95: The Mortician – Theo’s conversation with a mortician offers a unique and often overlooked perspective on death and the funeral industry. The guest shares their experiences and challenges, shedding light on a topic that many people are curious about but rarely understand.

Deep Dive Into The Most Engaging Episodes

Theo’s podcast has a plethora of episodes that stand out for their engaging content. These episodes provide deep dives into various topics and allow listeners to gain valuable insights and perspectives. Here are a few of the most engaging episodes you don’t want to miss:

Episode Title Guest
54 The Plumber Plumber Guest
73 Shane Gillis Shane Gillis
95 The Mortician Mortician Guest

These episodes offer an in-depth exploration of the topics discussed, providing a rich listening experience for those seeking thought-provoking content.

Best Theo Von Quotes From The Show

Theo Von is known for his unique perspective and humorous anecdotes. Throughout his podcast, he delivers some memorable quotes that both entertain and inspire his audience. Here are a few of our favorite quotes from This Past Weekend:

  • “Life’s like a garden. You gotta dig it.” – Episode 54: The Plumber
  • “Comedy is about finding the truth and speaking it, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.” – Episode 73: Shane Gillis
  • “Death reminds us to make the most of our time and appreciate the beauty of life.” – Episode 95: The Mortician

These quotes capture the essence of Theo’s conversations and offer a glimpse into the wisdom and humor that his guests bring to the table.

Impact On Theo Von’s Career

Theo Von is a renowned comedian and podcast host who has made a significant impact on the podcasting world. His podcast, “This Past Weekend,” has not only amassed a large and dedicated following but has also had a profound influence on Theo Von’s career.

Growth From Podcast Popularity

Theo Von’s podcast, “This Past Weekend,” has experienced tremendous popularity and has played a pivotal role in his career growth. With engaging conversations, witty humor, and thought-provoking discussions, his podcast has resonated with audiences, attracting a vast number of listeners from all walks of life.

Through his podcast, Theo Von has been able to connect with his fans on a deeper level, allowing them to gain further insight into his personal life, experiences, and unique perspective. This intimate connection has solidified Theo Von’s position as one of the top podcast hosts in the industry.

Decision To Leave “king And The Sting”

Despite being an integral part of “King and the Sting” for several years, Theo Von made the difficult decision to leave the show and focus on personal projects and endeavors. This move showcased his commitment to personal growth and allowed him to further explore his creativity and comedic talents.

By stepping away from “King and the Sting,” Theo Von demonstrated his willingness to take risks and pursue new opportunities. This decision not only showcased his independence but also allowed him to carve his own path in the entertainment industry and expand his reach to a broader audience.

Appearances On Other Top Podcasts

As a highly sought-after guest, Theo Von has made appearances on various top podcasts, further solidifying his presence in the podcasting world. His wit, charm, and unique storytelling abilities have made him a captivating guest on shows such as the Joe Cornish podcast and the Louis Theroux podcast.

By appearing on these prominent platforms, Theo Von has not only increased his visibility but has also been able to introduce his podcast and comedic style to new audiences. These appearances have served as a valuable opportunity for Theo Von to connect with diverse listeners and expand his influence within the podcasting community.

All in all, the success of “This Past Weekend” and Theo Von’s strategic career decisions have propelled him to new heights within the podcasting world. With each episode, he continues to captivate audiences, entertain fans, and solidify his position as one of the most influential podcast hosts in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Theo Von Podcast

Does Theo Von Have A Podcast?

Yes, Theo Von has a podcast called “This Past Weekend. “

What Ethnicity Is Theo Von?

Theo Von is of American ethnicity. He has not publicly disclosed his specific ethnic background.

Has Theo Von Been On Joe Rogan?

Yes, Theo Von has been a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Why Is Theo Von Not On King And The Sting?

Theo Von left King and the Sting to focus on personal projects and endeavors.


In the vast world of podcasts, Theo Von has established himself as a captivating and entertaining host. With episodes like “The Plumber” and guest appearances on various other shows, Theo Von’s podcast has gained a dedicated following. His unique perspective and quick wit make for great listening.

As a popular comedian and storyteller, Theo Von’s podcast continues to attract a wide audience. Whether you’re a fan of his hilarious quotes or intriguing interviews, Theo Von’s podcast is a must-listen in the world of comedic storytelling.