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Chicken Francaise Pronunciation


Have you ever wondered how to pronounce “Chicken Francaise”? Despite its name, this delicious dish is often served at Italian restaurants. The correct spelling is “chicken française,” and it is pronounced as “frãsèz.” However, many people mistakenly pronounce it as “frankāz” due to the misspelling. In this article, we will explore the correct pronunciation and clear up any confusion surrounding this popular dish.

Correct Pronunciation

The correct pronunciation of “Chicken Française” is “frãsèz.” The word “française” is a French word that translates to “French” in English. It is important to note that the dish itself is not of French origin, but the name refers to the cooking style used. To pronounce it correctly, emphasize the “sèz” at the end and avoid pronouncing it as “frankāz,” which is a common mispronunciation resulting from the misspelling of the dish.

Is it Chicken Francaise or Chicken Francese?

Both “Chicken Francaise” and “Chicken Francese” are correct spellings for this dish. They refer to the same flavorful chicken breasts that are dipped in flour and egg and sautéed in olive oil. The accompanying sauce is made with white wine, butter, and lemon. The difference lies in the spelling, with “Francaise” being the Americanized version and “Francese” being the Italian spelling. Both pronunciations are acceptable, but it’s essential to remember the correct pronunciation of “frãsèz” for the word “française.”

How to Pronounce Chicken Francaise Video

If you still need assistance with the pronunciation, I recommend watching the following videos:

Video Duration Source
How to Pronounce Chicken Francaise 0:31 Julien Miquel
Is it Chicken Francaise or Chicken Francese? 10:41 Let’s Celebrate TV

Chicken Francaise vs. Chicken Piccata

Another commonly asked question is the difference between Chicken Francaise and Chicken Piccata. While both dishes feature breaded chicken in a lemon-based sauce, they differ in the breading process. Chicken Francaise is dredged in flour and egg, resulting in a more substantial coating, whereas Chicken Piccata is only dredged in flour, creating a lighter coating. Both dishes are delicious in their own right, and it’s worth trying both to see which one becomes your favorite!

Chicken Francaise Pronunciation: Master the Art of Saying it Right!


Chicken Francaise Pronunciation: Master the Art of Saying it Right!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Chicken Francaise Pronunciation: Master The Art Of Saying It Right!

How Do You Pronounce Francaise Chicken?

The correct pronunciation of “Francaise chicken” is frãsèz. It is often served at Italian restaurants, but the correct spelling is “chicken française. “

How Do You Pronounce Francaise?

The correct pronunciation of “Francaise” is frãsèz, but it is often pronounced as frankāz.

Is It Francese Or Francaise?

The correct spelling for the dish is “chicken française. ” Both “francese” and “française” are correct spellings.

What Is The Difference Between Chicken Francese And Chicken Piccata?

Chicken Francaise is dredged in flour and egg, while chicken piccata is dredged only in flour. Francaise has a bit more substantial coating.


Chicken Francaise, or Chicken Française, is a flavorful dish frequently found in Italian restaurants. Its correct pronunciation is “frãsèz,” emphasizing the “sèz” at the end. While there are variations in the spelling, including “Chicken Francese,” both are correct. Remember to avoid the common mispronunciation of “frankāz” and enjoy this delicious dish with confidence!