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Detroit Axle brake reviews show that customers are satisfied with the product, mentioning easy installation, perfect fit, smooth performance, and great value compared to local stores. Additionally, users have noted the quietness and strong grip of the brakes, making them comparable to OEM products.

The positive feedback across various platforms suggests that Detroit Axle provides reliable and high-quality brake components, making it a preferred choice for customers seeking durable and affordable brake solutions. Whether it’s a discussion on forums or personal experiences shared on review websites, the general sentiment towards Detroit Axle brakes is notably positive, indicating a consistent level of satisfaction among users with their brake performance and overall product quality.

With an array of endorsements from satisfied customers, Detroit Axle’s brake reviews reflect the brand’s commitment to providing dependable brake solutions for various vehicle models and customer needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Detroit Axle Brake Reviews
Customer Satisfaction
Real User Experiences with Detroit Axle Brakes
Comparing Detroit Axle Brakes to OEM Parts

Reviews and feedback on Detroit Axle brakes from various sources indicate an overall positive experience. Customers have praised the perfect fit and smooth operation of the brakes, often highlighting their comparatively lower prices and easy installation process. Some users have noted that the performance of Detroit Axle brakes can be on par with or even surpass that of OEM parts, with excellent grip and minimal noise. Although there have been occasional instances of grinding noises and initial ‘grabby’ behavior, the general consensus leans towards satisfaction with the high-quality offered by Detroit Axle brakes.

Quality And Performance

Detroit Axle brakes have garnered a lot of attention for their quality and performance. Many users have reported that the brakes fit perfectly, are smooth, and boast uncompromising pricing compared to local parts stores. Reviews also highlight that the Detroit Axle brakes offer quiet operation and grip as good as OEM. Some users have mentioned that the initial stops might be a little grabby but the overall performance is impressive. However, there have been occasional mentions of grinding noises with certain applications, raising concerns about durability. That said, Detroit Axle remains a popular choice for those in search of high-quality brakes at a competitive price.

Installation And Hardware

The installation process for Detroit Axle brakes is seamless, as many users have reported no issues during the installation. The quality of the included hardware in the brake kits has received high praise, with users noting that the hardware is of superior quality compared to other options. Additionally, the ease of installation for Detroit Axle brakes has been highlighted, making it a convenient choice for users looking for hassle-free brake kit installation.

Cost Analysis

The cost analysis of Detroit Axle brake reviews includes comparing prices with local stores and other brands to determine the cost-benefit ratio. Many customers have praised Detroit Axle’s brake kits for their competitive pricing in comparison to local parts stores. Some users have mentioned that the Detroit Axle brakes fit better, have superior hardware, and provide a smooth and quiet performance comparable to OEM brakes. However, there are also mixed opinions, with occasional concerns about grinding noises during use. Overall, Detroit Axle has garnered positive feedback, especially for their competitive pricing and quality. When considering the cost-benefit ratio, Detroit Axle emerges as a favorable option for those seeking reliable and reasonably priced brake solutions.

Product Range

When it comes to Detroit Axle brake reviews, the variety of brake kits offered by Detroit Axle is worth exploring. Customer reviews highlight the uncompromising price compared to local parts stores, better fit, high-quality hardware, and smooth performance. The brake kits receive praise for perfect fitting, great bite, and quiet performance, making them a popular choice among car owners. Additionally, comparisons with other brands such as Power Stop and TRQ showcase the high quality and competitive pricing of Detroit Axle brake kits.

Detroit Axle Brake Reviews


Brand Comparisons

When comparing Detroit Axle versus Power Stop brake systems, it is evident that both brands offer quality brake components. Detroit Axle products have received positive reviews for their impeccable fit and smooth performance. Customers have praised the brand for providing high-quality hardware and quiet, gripping pads. Similarly, Power Stop brakes have also garnered positive feedback for their powerful bite and seamless installation. Both brands seem to deliver reliable braking solutions that cater to different consumer preferences. While Detroit Axle offers uncompromising prices and a smooth fit, Power Stop brakes boast a powerful initial bite. Ultimately, the choice between these two brands may depend on the specific requirements of the vehicle and the driver’s preferences.

User Reviews And Community Feedback

Users across different automotive forums and platforms have shared their valuable feedback and reviews about Detroit Axle brakes. The general consensus seems to be highly positive, with users expressing satisfaction with the fit, performance, and overall quality of the brake kits. Many users have emphasized the smooth installation process and the improved performance compared to OEM parts. Despite the attractive pricing, users have reported minimal issues and have praised the grip and quietness of the brakes.

With consistent praise from various automotive communities, Detroit Axle brakes have garnered a favorable reputation among users. These user reviews provide valuable insights for anyone considering Detroit Axle brake products for a reliable and cost-effective braking solution.

Frequently Asked Questions On Detroit Axle Brake Reviews

What Happened To Detroit Axle?

Detroit Axle continues to produce high-quality aftermarket brake parts, garnering positive feedback for fit and performance. Despite initial concerns, customers report smooth operation, quiet usage, and secure grip comparable to OEM. While skepticism exists due to affordability, the brand is generally regarded as a worthy option for brake replacements.

Who Makes The Best Rotors?

Detroit Axle is known for manufacturing high-quality brake rotors. With positive customer feedback and competitive pricing, they are a top choice. Brembo is also well-regarded for their brake products.

What Brand Of Brakes Are Good?

Detriot Axle is a reliable brand for brakes, offering high-quality products at competitive prices. Customers have reported smooth fit and quiet operation, making it a great choice for brake replacements. Detroit Axle is a preferred option for those seeking top-notch brake components.

What Is The Best Car Brake Company?

Brembo is known as one of the best car brake companies worldwide. Detroit Axle also receives positive reviews.


Detroit Axle brakes have garnered positive feedback for their ease of installation, smooth performance, and affordable pricing. With favorable reviews across various platforms, it’s evident that these brakes are reliable and efficient. Customers have praised their fit and grip, making them a solid choice for anyone in the market for new brakes.