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Filiale Air France is a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM Group, the flag carrier of France. With its headquarters in Tremblay-en-France, it operates an extensive global network, emphasizing safety, comfort, and quality when partnering with other airlines.

Air France, based at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, offers additional services and destinations through its partnerships with airlines meeting its high standards. The airline, a member of the SkyTeam alliance, continues to expand its connectivity and enhance the travel experience for its passengers.

SkyMiles members can also benefit from earning and using miles when flying with Air France, with Medallion Members enjoying additional exclusive services and benefits.

Filiale Air France’s Global Footprint

Filiale Air France, a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM Group, has a significant global footprint. The expansion strategy of Filiale Air France focuses on partnering with airlines that share its high standards of safety, comfort, and quality to offer an extensive network and additional services. Air France-KLM Group’s influence on global aviation is notable, with a strong presence in various regions. Partner airlines also contribute significantly to Air France’s network, enabling access to more destinations and enhancing the overall travel experience.

The Air France-klm Conglomerate

Air France, a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM Group, serves as the flag carrier of France with headquarters in Tremblay-en-France. This collaboration between Air France and KLM, known as the Air France–KLM Group, plays a strategic role in global aviation. The joint venture not only enhances the range of destinations and services offered but also benefits passengers by providing higher safety standards, comfort, and service quality. Furthermore, the alliance brings together multiple airlines, such as Delta Air Lines, Aeroflot, and Korean Air, under the SkyTeam alliance, offering passengers a broader network and more travel options.

Partner Airlines And Alliances

Filiale Air France is a major player in the aviation industry, and its partnerships and alliances play a crucial role in enhancing the services it offers to travelers. As a part of the SkyTeam Alliance, Filiale Air France benefits from extensive code-sharing and collaboration with partner airlines, allowing for a wider reach and improved connectivity for its customers. Furthermore, the mutual advantages for airlines within the alliance result in enhanced services and benefits for passengers, fostering a seamless and convenient travel experience.

Filiale Air France


Air France’s Fleet And Destinations

Air France, a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM Group, operates a diverse fleet of aircraft to serve its international destinations. The fleet includes various aircraft types such as the Airbus A320, A330, A350, and A380, as well as the Boeing 777 and 787. These aircraft support Air France’s expansion of routes by providing efficient and reliable service to a wide range of destinations around the world.

With its strategic fleet composition, Air France can effectively support the airline’s growth strategy by optimizing its operations and providing enhanced connectivity to its global network of routes. This allows the airline to efficiently cater to the diverse travel needs of its passengers and strengthen its position in the competitive aviation industry.

Passenger Experience With Air France

Filiale Air France: Air France, a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM Group, is the flag carrier of France with its headquarters in Tremblay-en-France. It offers a wide range of destinations and additional services through partnerships with airlines that uphold its high safety and quality standards.

Passenger Experience with Air France: When traveling with Air France, passengers can expect a pleasant experience with various service touchpoints. The defining features of Air France’s onboard services encompass offerings in both Business Class and Premium Economy, providing passengers with a choice of travel comfort and luxury. From priority services to lounge access and more, Air France endeavors to enhance the overall travel experience for its passengers. Members of the SkyTeam alliance, including Air France, offer a broad network and benefits for travelers using miles when flying.

Utilizing Miles And Points

When it comes to Filiale Air France, it is a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM Group, offering a wide range of travel benefits when it comes to utilizing miles and points. By earning and redeeming miles with Air France and its partners, travelers can enjoy coordinated loyalty programs within the group, allowing for seamless and convenient rewards accumulation and redemption. Furthermore, the alliance with other airlines provides examples of frequent flyer benefits and privileges, enhancing the overall travel experience for loyal customers.

Leadership In Aviation Innovation

Filiale Air France, part of the Air France–KLM Group, is a major player in aviation innovation, contributing significantly to the advancement of aviation technology. The company’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact and promoting responsible business practices. As the industry continues to evolve, Air France is poised to lead future advancements in air travel, setting the stage for a more efficient, eco-friendly, and passenger-centric aviation landscape. With a global network and strategic partnerships, including those within the SkyTeam alliance, Air France remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional travel experiences while prioritizing safety, comfort, and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions For Filiale Air France

Does Delta Own Air France?

Yes, Delta does not own Air France. They are both members of the SkyTeam alliance.

Which Airlines Are Partners With Air France?

Air France has several airline partners, including Delta Air Lines, Aeroflot, Air Europa, and more.

What Was The Old Name Of Air France?

Air France was previously known as Société Air France, it’s a French flag carrier airline.

Can I Use Delta Miles For Air France?

Yes, SkyMiles members can use their miles for Air France flights. Medallion Members get additional benefits.


To explore the world and expand your travel experience, Air France offers a strong network of partners and a commitment to safety, comfort, and quality. As a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM Group, it stands as a prominent flag carrier, symbolizing France’s aviation accomplishments and connecting passengers across the globe.

With a widespread global presence and emphasis on exceptional service, Air France continues to be a leader in the aviation industry, ensuring memorable and enjoyable journeys for all customers.