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How Many Occurrences are Allowed at Walmart

Walmart is known for its strict attendance policy, which raises questions among both current and potential employees. Understanding how many occurrences are allowed at Walmart and the consequences of exceeding these occurrences is crucial to maintaining employment and avoiding disciplinary action.

What is the Walmart Attendance Policy?

Walmart’s attendance policy operates on a points-based system. Employees accrue “occurrences” for infractions such as tardiness, leaving work early, or unauthorized absences. The number of occurrences allowed within a specific time frame determines the threshold for acceptable attendance.

How Many Occurrences are Allowed at Walmart?

According to Walmart’s official policy, employees are allowed a maximum of five occurrences within a rolling six-month period. It’s essential for employees to track their occurrences to ensure compliance with Walmart’s attendance guidelines.

Understanding Occurrences

It’s important to note that occurrences are not limited to full-day absences. Even being late or leaving early can result in accruing an occurrence. Employees should familiarize themselves with the specific criteria that constitute an occurrence to avoid unintentional violations.

Points System

Walmart’s attendance policy operates on a points system. Each occurrence results in a set number of points being assigned to the employee. Accumulating points can lead to various disciplinary actions, including verbal warnings, written warnings, and ultimately termination. Understanding the correlation between occurrences and points is crucial for employees to gauge their standing within the attendance policy.

How Many Occurrences are Allowed at Walmart:  Know Your Rights


Perspectives on Walmart’s Attendance Policy

Opinions on Walmart’s attendance policy vary among employees. While some appreciate the structure it provides, others find the stringent guidelines challenging to adhere to, especially considering unforeseen circumstances that may lead to unavoidable absences.

Handling Occurrences as a New Employee

New employees at Walmart should familiarize themselves with the attendance policy from the onset. Understanding how occurrences are accrued, the implications of exceeding the allowed limit, and the process for addressing absences is vital for a successful integration into the company.

Transferring Occurrences

Given the limitation of five occurrences in a six-month period, employees may wonder if there are options for transferring occurrences. It’s essential to consult Walmart’s official policy and communicate with HR or relevant personnel to understand if and how occurrences can be transferred under special circumstances.

Clarifying Misconceptions

Confusion and misunderstandings about Walmart’s attendance policy can lead to unnecessary anxiety among employees. It’s paramount for the company to ensure clear communication and thorough education regarding the policy to eliminate misconceptions and empower employees with the knowledge to navigate attendance requirements confidently.

Frequently Asked Questions For How Many Occurrences Are Allowed At Walmart: Know Your Rights

How Many Absence Points Can You Have At Walmart?

Walmart employees can have up to five occurrences in a six-month period.

Does Walmart Have A Strict Attendance Policy?

At Walmart, employees can have a maximum of five occurrences in a six-month period.

How Many Times Can I Call Out Of Work Walmart?

Walmart allows five occurrences in a six-month period. Ensure not to exceed this limit.

How Many Occurrences Can You Transfer At Walmart?

Walmart allows a maximum of five occurrences in a six-month period for their employees.


Walmart’s attendance policy, including the allowances for occurrences, is a critical aspect of employment for every Walmart employee. Understanding the nuances of this policy, tracking occurrences, and seeking clarification when needed are essential for maintaining compliance and avoiding potential disciplinary measures that could impact job security.

Employees should familiarize themselves with Walmart’s official documentation regarding occurrences and the attendance policy to ensure accurate understanding and adherence.