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An Overview of the 1788 Quarter

The 1788 quarter is an intriguing piece of American history. Before the establishment of the U.S. Mint in 1792, coins in the American colonies were a mix of foreign currency and locally minted pieces. While it’s important to note that there technically isn’t an “official” quarter minted in 1788 by the United States, there are various state coinages from this time period that collectors often refer to as 1788 quarters.

How Much is a 1788 Quarter Worth? Unveil Its Value!


Historical Significance

The 1788 quarter holds significance as it comes from an era of great change, where the American colonies transitioned into a unified nation with its own currency. These quarters, or representative coins from this era, are prized for their historical value as much as their rarity.

Factors Influencing the Value of a 1788 Quarter

  • Condition: The state of preservation is a key factor in determining value.
  • Rarity: Coins with a lower mintage are more valuable.
  • Historical Importance: Coins with a rich history or provenance can command higher prices.
  • Demand: Popular coins are worth more due to collector demand.
  • Authenticity: Authentic coins, verified through grading services, are more valuable than counterfeits.
  • Varieties: Different variants of the same coin may have different values.

How to Determine the Value of Your 1788 Quarter

To determine the value of a 1788 quarter, it’s essential to evaluate several factors and consult reliable resources:

  1. Examine the coin’s condition, checking for wear, damage, and luster.
  2. Look up the coin’s history and mint mark – if it has one.
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  4. Consult price guides, attend coin shows, or visit reputable coin dealers for professional appraisals.
  5. Consider having your coin graded by a professional service for an official assessment of its condition and authenticity.

Estimated Value of a 1788 Quarter

Average Value Estimates for a 1788 Quarter Based on Condition
Condition Estimated Value Range
Good (G-4) $300 – $600
Very Good (VG-8) $700 – $1000
Fine (F-12) $1100 – $1500
Very Fine (VF-20) $1600 – $2500
Extremely Fine (EF-40) $2600 – $5000
About Uncirculated (AU-50) $5100 – $7500
Uncirculated (MS-60 to MS-70) $7600 – $25000+

Note: The above values are approximate and can fluctuate based on market conditions and coin’s provenance. It is crucial to seek a professional appraisal for accurate valuation.

Frequently Asked Questions On How Much Is A 1788 Quarter Worth? Unveil Its Value!

What Defines A 1788 Quarter’s Value?

Factors influencing the value of a 1788 quarter include its historical significance, condition, rarity, and demand among collectors.

How To Determine If My 1788 Quarter Is Genuine?

Authenticating a 1788 quarter requires expert evaluation for factors such as weight, design details, and metal composition.

What’s The Average Price For A 1788 Quarter?

Prices vary widely, but an average 1788 quarter in decent condition may sell anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Does Condition Affect A 1788 Quarter’s Worth?

Absolutely, the worth of a 1788 quarter escalates significantly with its condition, with uncirculated coins fetching the highest prices.


Whether you’re a seasoned numismatist or a new collector, understanding the value of a 1788 quarter requires a blend of historical knowledge and market awareness. Remember, the worth of any collectible coin is as much an art as it is a science. Take the time to research your coins, consult with experts, and cherish the stories they hold.

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