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How to Open Racemenu in Skyrim – A Step by Step Guide

Welcome to the definitive guide on opening and using the Racemenu in Skyrim. Whether you’re new to Skyrim or a veteran looking to freshen up your character’s look, the Racemenu is an essential tool for customizing your character’s appearance. Below, we’ll detail the steps required for both vanilla Skyrim and modded versions – specifically using the popular “SkyUI” mod.

What is Racemenu in Skyrim?

Racemenu is a feature in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that allows players to customize their character’s appearance. While it is originally available during the character creation phase at the game’s beginning, many players seek ways to access it mid-game without starting over. This can be done through console commands or mods.

How to Open Racemenu Skyrim: Unleash Customization!


Accessing Racemenu in Vanilla Skyrim

To open the Racemenu in the vanilla (unmodded) version of Skyrim, you will need to use the game’s built-in console commands. Here’s how:

  1. First, press the ` key (also known as the tilde key, located below the ESC key) on your keyboard to open the console.
  2. With the console open, type in the command showracemenu.
  3. Press Enter, and the Racemenu should appear, allowing you to make changes to your character.

Note: Using the Racemenu to change your character’s race or sex mid-game can reset certain stats and potentially cause game glitches. Proceed with caution and save your game before making such changes.

Using Mods to Reopen Racemenu

For those with a modded Skyrim using “SkyUI,” access to the Racemenu can be easier and more stable. SkyUI adds many improvements to Skyrim’s user interface, including a safer way to access the Racemenu through MCM (Mod Configuration Menu). Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, download and install the “SkyUI” mod using your preferred mod management tool (e.g., Nexus Mod Manager, Vortex, or Mod Organizer).
  2. Once installed, launch Skyrim and press ESC to open the system menu.
  3. Navigate to the “Mod Configuration Menu” (MCM) from the system menu.
  4. In the MCM, find and select the “Racemenu” mod.
  5. Opt to open the Racemenu interface from there, without the use of console commands.
Comparing Vanilla vs Modded Access to Racemenu
Method Access Mechanism Risk of Glitches
Vanilla Skyrim Console Command Higher
Modded Skyrim (SkyUI) Mod Configuration Menu Lower

Using mods like “SkyUI” can reduce the risk of facing potential game-breaking bugs compared to using the console in vanilla Skyrim.

Common Issues and Fixes

Trouble Accessing The Console

  • Make sure the tilde key (`) is the correct key for your keyboard layout.
  • Try pressing the fn key in combination with the tilde key if you’re on a laptop.

Racemenu Not Appearing After Inputting Console Command

  • Check for mod conflicts that may be disabling the Racemenu.
  • Make sure your game is updated to the latest version.

For further troubleshooting, consider visiting online forums like r/skyrimmods on Reddit or the Nexus Mods forums.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Open Racemenu Skyrim: Unleash Customization!

What Is The Racemenu In Skyrim?

The Racemenu in Skyrim is an in-game interface that allows players to customize their character’s appearance.

How To Access The Racemenu?

Access the Racemenu by pressing the `~` key to open the console and typing “showracemenu”.

Can I Open Racemenu Without Mods?

Yes, you can open the Racemenu without mods by using the game’s console commands.

Will Using Racemenu Affect My Skyrim Gameplay?

Using Racemenu only affects your character’s appearance and has no direct impact on gameplay mechanics.

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