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The Remington Thunderbolt 22LR is a budget-friendly option that offers decent performance and reliability. It provides consistent shooting and good accuracy, making it suitable for plinking and practice.

Despite being inexpensive, it delivers reliable and fast rounds without sacrificing quality. If you’re looking for affordable ammunition that offers reliable performance for training purposes, the Remington Thunderbolt 22LR is worth considering. The Remington Thunderbolt 22LR ammunition has gained positive feedback from users due to its consistent performance and affordability.

This ammunition is known for its reliability and decent accuracy, making it suitable for recreational shooting and training purposes. The rounds are delivered in bulk and are fast without being temperamental hyper-velocity, offering great value for money. However, it’s important to note that the ammunition may be dirty and require regular cleaning of your firearm. Overall, the Remington Thunderbolt 22LR is a practical choice for shooters looking for budget-friendly and reliable ammunition.

Thunderbolt Performance Breakdown

Remington Thunderbolt 22LR ammunition is a budget-friendly option that offers consistent performance across various rifles. When it comes to ballistic characteristics and velocity, it provides impressive speed without being temperamental. Reliability is noteworthy, with fewer failures compared to other brands, and it outperforms in accuracy testing when compared to Federal and Winchester rounds. Despite being delivered in bulk, the rounds are of good quality, showing consistency in performance. It is important to note that the ammunition, while fairly accurate for plinking and practice, may not yield extremely tight grouping. Additionally, users have reported that the ammunition tends to foul firearms, necessitating regular cleaning.

Remington Thunderbolt 22Lr Review


Design And Construction Insights

Remington Thunderbolt 22LR ammunition features a copper wash and wax coating that has garnered mixed reviews. While some users appreciate the consistent performance, others critique the thin copper wash and the strange wax coating. The bullet and casing quality have been subject to evaluation, with some users reporting inconsistency in their experiences with the ammunition. In terms of packaging and bulk delivery format, the rounds are delivered in a bulk format, which offers cost efficiency. However, it’s essential for users to bear in mind the need for proper firearm maintenance due to the ammo’s tendency to foul firearms. Overall, the ammunition is noted for its affordability and consistent performance, making it suitable for plinking and practice sessions.

Practical Use And Applications

Remington Thunderbolt 22LR ammunition offers versatility in different shooting scenarios. It is suitable for plinking and practice due to its affordable price and decent performance. When using the Thunderbolt in bolt action rifles, there may be some inconsistency in sound, but it generally delivers good accuracy and reliability, making it a practical choice for various shooting activities. However, users should consider the cleaning and maintenance implications as the ammunition tends to be dirty and may foul the firearm, requiring regular cleaning to maintain its performance.

Comparative Analysis

Remington Thunderbolt 22LR ammunition provides a budget-friendly option for shooters looking for inexpensive rounds. In a comparative analysis, the Thunderbolt performs well when pitted against the Golden Bullet. Shooters have reported that the Thunderbolt is surprisingly consistent and reliable, with few failures compared to other popular brands like Federal and Winchester. While not high-velocity, the rounds offer a good balance of speed and reliability. When compared to CCI Mini Mag, the Thunderbolt proved to be a capable performer, offering good accuracy for plinking and practice sessions. However, it’s important to note that the ammo tends to be dirty and may require more frequent firearm cleaning. In conclusion, the Remington Thunderbolt presents an affordable option for shooting enthusiasts, offering consistent performance without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions For Remington Thunderbolt 22lr Review

Is Remington Thunderbolt High Velocity?

Yes, Remington Thunderbolt is not considered a high-velocity bullet. It is known for being consistent and reliable in various firearms.

What Is The Most Powerful 22 Lr Ammo?

The most powerful 22 LR ammo is the Remington Thunderbolt. It offers consistent performance, good accuracy, and reliable cycling. It also provides high velocity and is great for plinking and practice. However, it may require more frequent firearm cleaning due to fouling.

How Many Feet Per Second Is A Remington Thunderbolt?

The Remington Thunderbolt travels at a speed of 1255 feet per second. It offers a reliable and consistent performance.

What Is The Velocity Of Remington 22 Ammo?

The velocity of Remington 22 ammo is around 1255 feet per second. It provides a consistent and reliable performance.


Remington Thunderbolt 22LR ammo provides an affordable and reliable option for plinking and practice shooting. While not the cleanest ammunition, it offers consistent performance and decent accuracy at an attractive price point. Whether for casual shooting or honing skills, Thunderbolt ammo delivers a worthwhile experience.