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Why Thieves Hate Crayon in Wallet

Wallet theft is a common problem that many people face. Thieves are always on the lookout for an opportunity to snatch wallets and take advantage of someone’s personal information. However, there is a simple and effective way to deter thieves from targeting your wallet – by carrying a crayon.

Why Thieves Hate Crayon in Wallet


1. A Simple Yet Effective Theft Deterrent

The mechanism behind using a crayon to protect your wallet is based on deceiving thieves into thinking that your wallet is empty. By placing a crayon inside your wallet alongside your cards and cash, it creates a bulkiness that gives the illusion of a fuller wallet. Thieves are usually looking for quick opportunities and are less likely to target a wallet that appears to have minimal valuables.

2. Unexpected Tool for Self-Defense

A crayon can also serve as an unexpected tool for self-defense. In dangerous situations, where you may need to protect yourself, a crayon can be used as a makeshift weapon. Its compact size and pointed end can inflict pain on a perpetrator, giving you an opportunity to escape or call for help.

3. Quick Note-Taking and Communication

Another practical use of a crayon is for quick note-taking or communication. In emergency situations, you may need to write down important information or leave messages for others. A crayon and any available surface can serve as a temporary medium for leaving crucial messages or communicating with others nearby.

4. Alternative for Organization

In addition to its security benefits, carrying a crayon in your wallet can also help with organization. Many people find that their cards and cash become disheveled and bent inside their wallets over time. By placing a crayon among your cards, it acts as a buffer, preventing them from bending or warping. This not only keeps your wallet neat but also ensures that your cards stay in good condition.

Why Thieves Hate Crayon in Wallet


5. Fun and Unique Travel Companion

Traveling can sometimes be monotonous, especially during long flights or layovers. Having a crayon in your wallet can provide some entertainment and relief from boredom. Whether you enjoy doodling or coloring, a crayon can be a fun and unique travel companion.

Frequently Asked Questions On Why Thieves Hate Crayon In Wallet

Why Keep A Crayon In Your Wallet?

Keeping a crayon in your wallet can be beneficial while traveling. It can be used for entertainment, taking notes, or even fixing something. Additionally, it can deter thieves as it gives the impression that the wallet is empty or not worth stealing.

Why Should I Carry A Crayon In My Wallet?

Carrying a crayon in your wallet can make traveling easier by serving as a notepad or tool in case of emergencies.

How Does A Crayon Frustrate Thieves?

Thieves are deterred by the presence of a crayon in a wallet as it creates the illusion of the wallet being empty.

Can A Crayon Be Used For Self-defense?

While not specifically designed for self-defense, a crayon can serve as a potential tool for immediate communication or signaling for help in dangerous situations.


In conclusion, a crayon in your wallet can be a simple yet effective way to deter thieves and protect your personal belongings. Not only does it create the illusion of a fuller wallet, but it also serves as a tool for self-defense, note-taking, organization, and even entertainment during travel. Consider adding a crayon to your wallet and enjoy its benefits in various situations.